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Surveys, Censuses, Muster Rolls etc

Ref Title Dated Description
L.109 Protestation Returns 1641; Tudor Muster Rolls 1539-1569 See also L.219 & L.221
L.168 Census of children & their occupations 1795
L.169 Census: early recorded inhabitants from the Bronze age to the 19th century
L.170 A history of the Hundreds: Hasler, Rowbarrow & Corfe Castle 1989 by W.J. Carter
L.179 Directory of Dorsetshire: Corfe Castle 1852 Slater
L.180 The Court Leet: Hasler 1889
L.181 The Court Leet: Hasilor 1925
L.182 The Court Leet & Stone Crosses 1606-1615
L.185 Room naming Inventories
L.186 Returns of schools: 3 Infant Schools, 5 Daily Schools & 3 Sunday Schools 1833
L.202 & L.202/1 Directories: Corfe Castle 1911 & 1895 Kelly
L.216 Dorset Rolls: Corfe Castle 1322
L.218 Dorset Geld Rolls: Rowbarrow & Hasilor Hundreds
L.227 The Court Leet 1925 Details of how the Manor is ruled
L.228 1790 Census of Corfe Castle
L.229 1831 Census
L.230 & L.231 1841 Census
L.233 1861 Census
L.234 1871 Census