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Other Items

Ref Title Dated Description
L.3 Motor fuel standard ration book for motor car JT 9544 1949-50
L.7 Ration Book 1953-4 for Mabel Fooks
L.8 Ration Book 1949-50 for Arthur Fooks
L.9 Permit Book: defence of the realm 1917 for Mabel Fooks
L.10 National Registration Identity card 1943 for Ada Cooper
L.18 National Registration Identity card 1915 for Mabel Fooks
L.64 Purbeck Marblers individual marks
L.80 Mr Johnson to Mr W Talbot 1861 Invoice
L.81 Mr Johnson to David Hibbs 1859 Invoice
L.100 3lb paper bag supplied by A. Hibbs, Corn & Meal Dealers
L.105 Tradesmens Tokens Turnpike Road & Tokens
L.136/1 Ration Book 1952-53 for Reg Marshallsay
L.136/2 Ration Book 1952-53 for Edith Marshallsay
L.136/3 Ration Book 1953 for Reg Marshallsay
L.136/4 Ration Book 1953 for Edith Marshallsay
L.141 Brian Ottaway, the Pottery Shop 1964 Invoice: sale of Kodak camera
L.167 Coopers Stores Plastic Shopping Bag
L.187 Murder of Denis Riley by Henry Wright 1882 Newspaper cutting re the brutal murder at Corfe Castle
L.189 Serious accident on the Swanage Railway 1886
L.191 Dissolved Corporation of the Mayor & Barons 1888 Municipal Corporations Act
L.215 Catalogue of Seal Casts in the Dorset County Museum 1944 compiled by Dr Dru Drury