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Books, Letters etc

Ref Title Dated Description
L.2 Guide Book to Kingston Lacy 1990
L.6 Useful hints to Teachers 1848 For Infant schools & Nurseries
L.11 Diary of local events 1904-1926 by Dr Dru Drury
L.13 Guide book: The village of Corfe Castle 1986 by R.J. Saville
L.14 Illustrated Histoircal & Picturesque Guide to Corfe Castle 1878 by Phillip Brannon
L.15 History & guide to Corfe Castle in the Island of Purbeck Wright & Son Ltd
L.16 The Roman Villa at Bucknowle Farm 1976-84 Summary of the work
L.17 Guide to Corfe Castle in the Isle of Purbeck by L.C. Barton
L.22 Terms of appointment for the Headmaster of the C of E  School 1915 on the appointment of R.G. Matthews
L.27 Heart Burials & Some Purbeck Marble Heart-Shrines 1927 by Dr Dru Drury
L.29 The Use of Purbeck Marble in Medieval Times by Dr Dru Drury
L.36 Article on the Purbeck Marblers 1950 City Magazines Ltd
L.38 History of the Bells & Belfry 1995 Small booklet
L.47 Reports of the Bankes Memorial School 1914-18 Diocesan Inspectors’ Reports
L.49 The Dorset Ball Clay Industry Pre-publishing notes of John Pendrill-Church
L.50 Inventory of Implements at Norden Clay Pitts 1805-6
L.54 The National Trust Archaeological Survey 1993 by Martin Papworth
L.56 FN 23 The Glasgow Style 1994 A short history of the life of Mr & Mrs Newbery
L.56 FN 24 The Historical Role of Women 1997 A case study about Jessie Newbery
L.60 A short Guide to the Parish Church of Corfe Castle 1977 by Gerald Squarey
L.62 The Village of Corfe Castle 1976 Environmental studies by John Parsons
L.67 The Quaker Movement & its Early Beginnings in the Isle of Purbeck 1996
L.69 Short History of Francis Hodgkins 1996
L.71 Taking Stock of Corfe’s Orchestra Newspaper cutting
L.73 In the matter of the property of the Dissolved Corporation 1888 Newspaper cutting
L.87 A short history of the life of St Edward 1978 Leaflet by the Millenium Committee
L.95 The Great Post Road: distances between Falmouth & London by F. Oliver
L.97 A short history of quarrying in the Isle of Purbeck 1984 by D. Smale
L.98 The Ancient order of Purbeck Marblers & Stone Cutters by D. Smale
L.99 A Freeman of the Ancient order of Purbeck Marblers & Stone Cutters by Elizabeth G.M.C. Muntz
L.103 Recollections of School Days by Miss Lena Simpkins
L.107 A short History of the Newberys’ arrival in Corfe 1921 1992 by W.J. Carter
L.114 Pike & Fayle & Co. Ltd, Furzebrook 1957 by the Narrow Gauge Railway Society
L.120 Men of Stone (Purbeck Marblers) 1984 Article from the Dorset County Post Magazine
L.121 A survey of Corfe Common 1993 A scientific study of plants, flowers & animals
L.122 As I remember Corfe Castle Village by Ada Cooper
L.122 VE & VJ day events in Dorset 50th anniversary of WWII
L.128/1 Final report of the St Edward Millenium Committee 1975-79
L.139 Isle of Purbeck: Sunny Spaces & Dinosaur Traces 1965 Historical information re the Isle of Purbeck
L.142 James Fry: Purbeck Artist 1999
L.143 A story of one of 14 places in Wessex 1950 Newspaper cutting
L.149 Extracts from the Journal of Rev. R.C. Bartelot 1895-1899
L.154 The Popular Guide to Corfe Castle 1933 by Rev. Bartelott; revised by Dr Dru Drury
L.161 Corfe Castle Village – illustrated sketch of the village 1996 by the Corfe Castle Society
L.174 The History of the Ancient Order of Foresters, Friendly Society
L.197 Corfe Castle Charities: a short history 1864
L.198 English Ball Clays from their antiquity to their extraction
L.209 The Story of Corfe Castle including conversations with local inhabitants 1952 Hants & Dorset Magazine
L.225 The Anglo Saxons. The Return of the Vikings: the burghs of Wessex edited by James Campbell