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Family History

Ref Title Dated Description
L.1 A Dorset Family 1995 The Bankes family estate archive
L.30 The Story of Joseph Septimus & Catharine Dorothy Fooks 1987 written by their son, Bill Fooks
L.112 Post mortem & inquest on Elizabeth Taylor 1759
L.113 Canon family 1288-1442
L.117 Calcraft family of Rempstone 1977 by The Royal Commission on Historical Documents
L.125 This is the story of J & C Fooks of Corfe Castle 1987 by Bill Fooks
L.126/3 Copy of the Will of James Spencer 1837
L.164 A short history of the Havelland Family 1930 DNHAS
L.194 Tony Brown: his life & work for the Town Trust 1861 from Hutchins
L.199 Viscount Purbeck: honour bestowed in 1691
L.207 Marriage of Sir John Bankes to Mary Walleston Extract from book “The Goodliest Place in Middlesex’
L.213 William Canon, a Stone Mason & Mayor of Corfe Castle Extract from ‘Old Dorset by M.B. Weinstock
L.238 History of William de Thweyt’s time as Deputy Constable of the Castle 1340 Somerset & Dorset Notes & Queries