About Us

who we are and what we do:

The Corfe Castle Town Trust was formally established by the Charity Commission on 9th July 1889. It’s role was to ‘own and preserve for the benefit of the village the properties and assets of the Borough’.



the present trustees of the Corfe Castle Town Trust:

Louise Haywood (Chairman)
Andy Withers (Treasurer – honorary officer)
Susie Mitchell (Secretary)
Dawn Lindsay (Booking Secretary – honorary officer)
John Lindsay (Booking Secretary – honorary officer)
Tony Bryan
Steve Clark
Nigel Dragon

Shaun Fuller

Joan Dragon
Colin Fuller
Rev. Ian Jackson
Angela Sturch
Elizabeth Proudman
Vicki De Witt


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Town Trust Groups

the Town Trust is host for a number of specialist history and entertainment groups as detailed below:

The Local History Group:

This Group meets regularly throughout the year and is involved in the investigation and research of local history, which as one might imagine, the Corfe Castle area has no shortage of. Surveys are carried out and visits to local buildings of interest are undertaken. Also local experts give talks and displays of local historical interest.



keeping Corfe Castle Town Trust alive:

Ongoing maintenance of our historic Town Hall building is an expensive business, and any donations are gratefully received. If you would like to help us, please send your donations to:

The Treasurer
c/o Corfe Castle Town Trust
No 1 West Street
Corfe Castle
BH20 5HA

If you are a Tax Payer we can claim back the tax on your donation.

Trustee Meeting Minutes

what the Trustees talk about: Historical Minutes: Old Minutes of The CCTT 1889-2000  2014: CCTT Minutes – 18 March 2014 CCTT Minutes – 11 June 2014 CCTT Minutes – 16 September 2014 2015: CCTT Minutes – 6 January 2015 CCTT Minutes – 16 April 2015 CCTT Minutes – 15 September 2015 2016: CCTT Minutes – …