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Properties, Deeds etc

Ref Title Dated Description
L.4 A guide to interesting buildings in the village 1990  
L.48 Sale of property between between the Mayor & barons and John Bankes 1762 A copy
L.56 Sale of Vaulable Freehold Properties: Havellands & Cottages, West Street & Eastgate, East Street 1921 Bought by Mrs J Newbery
L.65 Corfe Castle Town Hall 1947 Sketch plans & a hand written report
L.68 The Manse, East Street: early history of the house
L.104 The Manse, East Street
L.111 Miss Amy Krauss, The Pottery, East Street
L.115 Collett’s Charity 1960 extract from ‘A History of Wimborne Minster & District’
L.116 Boar Mill: a short history 1449-1874 by W.J. Carter
L.126/1 Lease: John Bond to James Spencer 1832 re 5 West Street
L.126/2 Loan between James Spencer & W. Fryer & Partners 1834 re 5 West Street
L.126/4 Lease: between Mrs E Spencer & Mr W.R. Fryer 1840 re 5 West Street
L.126/5 Two Dwelling Houses: N.R. Fryer & H.C. Fryer to J.H.F. Crocker 1892 re 5 West Street
L.126/6 Conveyance between Mr T.J.H.R. Crocker & Mr E.G.F. Smith 1907 re 5 West Street
L.126/7 Drainage from 5 West Street 1922 re 5 West Street
L.126/7a Abstract of Title on 5 West Street: J.A. Smith 1923 re 5 West Street
L.127/8 Conveyance: sale of porperty of Mr A.G. Day 1923 re 5 West Street
L.126/9 Conveyance: sale of shop called ‘Highlands’ by A.G. Day 1942 re 5 West Street
L.126/10 Details of change of Ownership for 5 West Street 1942 re 5 West Street
L.126/11 Conveyance: Allans (Dorset) Estates Ltd to H.S. Sweeney & E. Baggaley 1950 re 5 West Street
L.126/12 Drainage from 5 West Street 1950 re 5 West Street
L.126/13 Abstract of Title of H.S. Sweeney & E. Baggaley 1953 re 5 West Street
L.126/14 Conveyance of ‘Highlands’ 1954 re 5 West Street
L.126/15 Corfe Castle Galleries to Brian Reed 1954 re 5 West Street
L.126/16 Highlands’ now Corfe Castle Galleries 1960 re 5 West Street
L.126/17 Conveyance: Reed to McCrow 1960 re 5 West Street
L.146 Floor & Outer Bailey of the Castle 11th -15th c. Plan of the castle
L.166 Plan of Land in Corfe Castle for sale by auction 1921
L.208 A short history of ‘Well Court’ Wesley preached here in 1774
L.211 Extract from Hutchins 3rd edition: Corfe Castle, the borough
L.212 The story of Goathorn by Rev. Brian Hessian
L.214 History & Description of Corfe Castle in Purbeck 1883 by Thomas Bond
L.226 Domesday Map of Dorset
L.236 Woodward map of Rowbarrow 1775
L.237 Isle of Purbeck map: showing Halser & Rowbarrow Hundreds 1610 by John Speede
L.239 Layout of the village of Corfe Castle: property of James Stockley & John Stockley marked 1843